Volunteer Fire Fund

As of August 2018, we have received $8,498 from the DWG water bill donations to benefit the Volunteer Fire Department.

The money has been used for the following items:

  • 2 - 2.5" hydrant ball valves. These valves maximize the flow from the hydrant to get more water through  the hose and onto the fire. One valve has been added to each of our engines.
  • 5 - 1 3/4" x 100 ft fire attack hose. This will be added to both Engine 43 and Engine 243 for fire response.
  • 16 reflective traffic cones, 8 for each engine to be used on major accidents to increase safety for our first responders.
  • We purchased 2 intake valves that are used when the Fire Department hooks up to a hydrant with our “LDH” (Large Diameter Hose) to supply water for training or structure fires. They are easy to operate, open and close under pressure, as opposed to the ones we replaced that were 23 years old and extremely hard to open and close during firefighting operations costing time when crews are awaiting a constant water supply.