Remote Water Meter System

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AMI Meter?

AMI meters are the same style and accuracy used in the water industry for years.  The change is that the new meters are remotely read. Instead of a meter reader visiting your home, the AMI system transmits readings throughout the day over a secure radio network.

Why are the traditional meters being replaced?

AMI technology allows customers to track their water usage daily and helps address billing concerns. Replacing aging water meters throughout the water distribution system also improves meter accuracy, leading to less “lost water” or water usage that is not billed. 

Will a meter reader still need to visit to read the meter?

DWG staff will not be on site to read AMI meters monthly. 

Is my AMI meter accurate?

All meters must meet standards set by the national American Water Works Association when installed, and they are guaranteed by the manufacturers.