Meet the Chief

Chief Greg Petty


DWG DPS respects your need for efficient and effective services.   We are pleased to welcome you to the Dalworthington Gardens (DWG) Department of Public Safety (DPS) website.  We hope this website is informative, easy to use, and helps us serve you better. 

We have a staff of well-trained personnel that are empowered to address the public safety concerns of this community with the highest level of honor, duty, integrity, professionalism, compassion, and respect.

We are proud to have volunteers that serve as police, firefighters, and EMTs. We are also blessed to have a distinguished Medical Director who has been with the agency for many years and an outstanding team of volunteers in Crisis Response Ministries who assist not just our staff but our citizens too.  Our volunteers are a significant part of the success of our public safety concept at DWG.  We are so very proud of their diligence, dedication, and selfless hard work to ensure that we at DWG DPS can effectively and efficiently perform public safety duties.

DWG DPS has a wonderful legacy of providing fast and effective police, fire, and emergency medical responses and services to our citizens and guests because we employ a public safety concept.  This means that our certified police officers are also certified fire fighters and emergency medical technicians that bring a comprehensive emergency response when we receive calls for service of any kind.  It also means that as our police officers are vigilantly patrolling our streets and proactively enforcing laws that when an emergency call for service comes to our communications center, the public receives a quicker response with cross-trained personnel that are capable addressing any police, fire, and/or medical need.  We can also effectively deploy resources to protect and preserve life and property due to the quickness of our response.  This model is effective in the City of DWG because we have a low call volume, our city is only approximately 2.2 square miles, and a population of approximately 2,500 people. 

We look forward to building a relationship with you so we can customize our service to the needs of our community.   Our motto is Protecting with Purpose and Serving with Pride!  We want the public to know that we, as a public service organization, employ a purpose-driven public safety ideology and organizational identity that embraces the core American values and constitutional rights of all we have sworn to protect and serve.  We also want you to know that there is a planned strategy with which we protect life and property in our city that is designed to serve our citizens and guests in these challenging times.  It also means that we are proud to do it with a servant’s heart and mind with the highest level of pride associated with our calling to this profession.  We look forward to opportunities to serve you, and we commit to staying at the ready to serve, being trained and prepared to respond, and executing our service with the highest level of professionalism and respect for all citizens.  



Chief Greg Petty

Director of Public Safety