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Mayor Bianco Designates April 14, 2020 as Day of Prayer


WHEREAS, It has long been the tradition of Americans to turn to prayer in hours of greatest need. Our history is rich with fellow Americans beseeching humble petitions to the Divine for assistance; and,


WHEREAS, Our history includes setting aside a day of prayer on many occasions. Such as the Continental Congress for July 20, 1775; President Abraham Lincoln for April 30, 1863; President Harry Truman for July 4, 1952; and most recently President Donald Trump for March 15, 2020. Through the past we seek wisdom for the future and our most current pressing needs; and,


WHEREAS, As we face days of trouble and uncertainty, our nation and her people face new challenges as each day dawns. A unique challenge for many Americans includes not being able to gather with those of similar faiths. Our churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, and houses of worship have been closed for gatherings due to social distancing guidelines; and,


WHEREAS, Creativity and ingenuity have always been backbones of American society. This challenge has created new venues for people of faith to gather in virtual ways and encourage one another; and,


WHEREAS, Just as our houses of worship have risen to this present challenge, so will all Americans rise together to face the giant in our backyards. With our faith, family, friends, and community, we will overcome this new threat; and,


WHEREAS, We believe when we humbly seek God to pray and ask Him for healing in our land, He will graciously respond; and


WHEREAS, Our hearts and prayers are with those on the front lines. Our healthcare workers and other first responders are carrying a great load and need our prayers and encouragement. Our shelves would be bare without our truckers, stockers and retail workers. We can be grateful for our military rising yet again, answering the call to serve our nation, but now with masks and gloves of a different kind. Our government leaders on all levels continue to seek to make the best decisions and choices for the people they serve. All Americans are sacrificing and pulling together in this time of need and that is what makes American great! We are thankful that "He is our refuge and fortress: my God; in Him will we trust." Psalm 91; and


WHEREAS, We pray for all our residents facing financial insecurities, especially those that have been laid off and the businesses that have been closed; and


WHEREAS, Times of turmoil allow us to self-reflect. We humbly ask for all in Dalworthington Gardens, regardless of faith or belief system, to join us in prayer or spend moments reflecting on their blessings and goodness they have experienced despite the current circumstances surrounding us due to COVID-19; and


WHEREAS, We are grateful and praise you for the blessing you have given us. Please unite our hearts and guide us in the path of peace during this difficult time; and


NOW, THEREFORE, I, LAURIE BIANCO, Mayor of Dalworthington Gardens, Texas, do hereby proclaim, April 14, 2020, as a Day of Prayer for all of our citizens affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, for all Americans, and for our Local, State and National Response Efforts. I urge the citizens of Dalworthington Gardens to seek God’s guidance through prayer, humility, repentance and fasting for His help and protection, the swift end of the spread of the virus, and the rapid restoration and recovery from its effects. Pray for all people who have suffered harm or lost loved ones.